ArmaTA Gaming G.C.

1.1 Rules of the server of the ArmataOnline project (further – "Rules") ArmataGamingG.C., (further – "Project") are instructions which are mandatory for observance by any user, playing on the server of this project (further – "Player"). 
1.2 In case of connection to the server each player automatically agrees with the conditions explained in this document. 
1.2.The Rules are published and updated on the project server to the address:
1.3 The player is obliged to check Rules for existence of changes. Ignorance of rules doesn't exempt from liability and isn't the circumstance of mitigation of punishment!
1.4 Non-compliance with Rules threatens with punishment from warning (temporal switch-off from services of the server, a "Kick") to constant switch-off (a "Ban"). Violation of Points of Rules: 3.1, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8,3.14, 3.15 brings to automatic "Ban". 
1.5 The administration of the project has the right to change and add these Rules, and also on the discretion to define a type and period of punishment. 
1.6 The administration isn't obliged to satisfy the requests of players which aren't connected to observance of Rules of the server (requests of change of time of day, weather, relocation of players or technique, outputs of resources - will be ignored or punished). 
1.7 The administration doesn't bear any responsibility for mistakes fashion or the game server.
1.8 The administration doesn't return the things lost as a result of errors of a game (bugs) or actions of the Player. The administration of the server doesn't bear responsibility for any losses of play experience or game means of the Player anyway.
1.9 The administration doesn't bear responsibility for actions of other players, and also for any possible material or moral losses in connection with similar actions. If the player considers similar actions illegal, or they caused any damage, the administration of the server isn't considered as the responsible party for the possible damage caused to the player by the third party.
1.10 The minimum age of the playing person established for the game ARMA 3 and its modifications by the producer and public authority of the country of accommodation of the Player is by default the minimum gaming age for use of this game server. Violation of this law, or concealment of the age from administration of the server for illegal access to a game isn't allowed.
1.11 These Rules can't contradict the legislation accepted in the country of location of servers of the Project (Germany) and also the national legal system of the country of accommodation of the Player. If any of Conditions of these Rules contradicts to legislative acts or moral or ethical standards of the Player or the country of his accommodation, the last one should not use services of this Project.



2. rights of the player.

The Player has rights:
2.1 To do business with other players, using only game currency, game objects for exchange. 
2.2 To give the financial support to the project (all donations are voluntary). This help goes for payment of a hosting, development of the project and doesn't oblige Administration of the server to create preferential terms for the Player. The financial support directed to administration of the server doesn't return to the Player. The financial support directed to administration of the server can be sent only  by the person reached an age of legal responsibility according to laws of the country of its living.
2.3 To take away and use mechanisms of artificial characters of the game (bots), for example: zamak,  gazelle, helicopter etc. The player has an opportunity to use this mechanism before restart of a game, and also to sell it on Recycling point. 
2.4. To attack bases of players during their absence on the server (but you remember, it isn't considered "fair play", and you can be revenged also). 
2.5. To steal, blow up mechanisms on the Base of another player, as well as in the remaining territory of a game map.
2.6. To build up buildings – places of appearance of game objects ("Loot") if the Administration gave on this permission.
2.7 To address Administration of the server in case of conflict situations with other players, and also with the purpose to report about the noticed error, or with the purpose to offer improvings in game process. Also, the Player has the right to report to Administration of the server about violation of the Rules from other players or administrators.

2.8 The player has the right to build up his base at the following distances:
2.8.1 From Trade zones – minimal distance of 1000 meters.
2.8.2 From Respawn zones – minimal distance of 1000 meters.
2.8.4 From permanent Military bases (in quantity of military structures in such base at least 3) – minimal distance of 1000 meters.
2.8.5 From Kraft zones – minimal distance of 500 meters.
2.8.6 On piers and near big observation military towers – with the permission of Administration of the project only.
2.8.7 It is strongly recommended to consult with Administration concerning legality of installation of base and a flagstaff at the initial stage of construction of base that in case of its wrong installation not to lose both base, and a flagstaff.
2.8.8 The player has the right to request a special type of Base "ArmaTA" in Administration Project. This base is issued in the monthly rent, the amount of which is agreed with the Administration of the Project. (added 19/01/2017)

2.9 To temporarily block roads and landing strips by the mecanism (inlcuding own and taken at the opponent and bots), for the purpose of accomplishment of various tasks at his own discretion.
2.10 /// This article is excluded from the Ruiles.

2.11 To require compensation for the lost property in cases if this loss is caused by defects and errors of game process.
2.11.1 Statements on compensation of property are adopted only in the presence of video like a proof of loss. Photos of the proof (screenshots) can be accepted at the discretion of administration only on condition of unambiguity of the fixed situation, and are also not the incontestable proof.

2.11.2 Possible reasons of loss of property and subjects of an unconditional, total compensation: Unplanned restart or shutdown of the server. Break of connection from the side of the server.

2.11.3. The possible reasons of loss of property which are subject to compensation at the discretion of administration and in the presence of incontestable proofs: Break of connection with the server from the side of the client. Program failures on the side of the client. Errors (bugs) of the game.
2.11.4. The amount of damage can be compensated completely or partially.
2.11.5. The administration strongly recommends to perform a video of game process when using the expensive equipment.
2.12 The player has the right to seek a review of the administration decision on his punishment if he does not agree with the decision. At the same time, in the case of the revision of the decision by the Administration, the player gets the amount of the fine. When re-indictment, the penalty amount is doubled.

3. it is forbidden.

3.1 Use, distribution, storage of the software giving advantage comparing to other players ("Cheats"). 
3.2 Use of errors (bugs) of game mechanics (to disconnect textures, to multiply / dupe game objects, to get into the closed mecanism, to pass through textures or to hide in them, to look through them, etc.). It is a dishonest method of game and is equated to cheats. 
3.3 To place links, IP addresses, and also to advertise someone else's servers / groups.
3.4 To intentionally create failures in operation of the server (to destabilize operation of the server). 
3.5 To publicly criticize the server, actions of the administration. 
3.6 To give itself for the Administrator/moderator or any other official representative of the server. 
3.7 To incite or provoke other players to violation of the Rules. 
3.8 To insult of other players, representatives of administration of the server. 
3.9 The use of obscene phrases, including it is veiled, in relation to other players or representatives of Administration of the project.
3.10 To depart in the general chat of the repeating messages, messages which aren't bearing the useful information ("flood") or for the purpose of forcing of the conflicts ("trolling"). 
3.11 To disconnect during fight with other players ("relogging"). It is punished by constant "Ban".
3.12 To purposely ram mecanisms in the trade zone.
3.13 Excessive violence is prohibited. Under excessive violence means the use of high-level technology for mass / repeated killing of the players and their equipment, with interests that do not intersect with the interests of the owner of such equipment. Such actions are unacceptable and are a threat to the stability of the gameplay. Each case is considered individually by the Administration of the project and indictment player who served such acts may be punished by a fine, confiscation of equipment, temporary or permanent ban (on the Administration's discretion). (added 19/01/2017)
3.14 To create characters with names (nicknames) of offensive, obscene, nacist, advertizing contents, and also similar in writing or sounding to names (nickname) of representatives of administration.
3.15 To create characters with the absent nicknames. 
3.16 Building of base in military base (if in the military base there are more than 3 structures), factories, power stations.
3.17. The administration of the project has rights for any actions concerning support of activities of the project: changing of the Rules without preliminary announcement to players; a sudden stop of a game for safety of the server, players, their achievements and the virtual means; up-dating of a game or access restriction of the player to the server in case of violation of these Rules. The criticism of actions of administration is punished by warning. In case of repeated warning of violations – "Ban".
3.18 It is forbidden to borrow at the base of the building, marked on the map marker "ArmaTA" without previous approval from the Project Administration. (added 19/01/2017)
3.19 Use file like squad.xml in the profile of player.
3.20 Profanity chatting, insult players, camping safezone (long stay near safezone with the purpose to hunt players, camping is not considered clashes players come and go from safezone), unfriendly behavior inside safezone (ram players or equipment, the destruction of buildings, stealing and etc.), the use of safezone for tactical purposes (harassment of players leaving safezone, long-term presence in the UAV safezone, mining entrances, etc.), with repeated violations can ban (hour, day, week, constant) .
3.21 To steal the equipment and Loot of players, and also to ram players in trade and any green zone.
3.22 Installation of a flagstaff inside a texture or the earth is forbidden the way another player can't remove a flag. The flagstaff can be protected by structures and elements of a base only under condition that elements of the base don't touch flagstaff.
3.23 It is forbidden to block roads, and also runways by the elements of base. Installation of elements of the base at a road strip at distance closer than 1 width of this road is forbidden; at the same time the height of the elements of the base over the road has to provide a possibility of journey of any mecanism in this game.

4. The rights of administration.

The rights of administration in the course of the game which aren't stipulated in primary partition of rules:
4.1 The Chief Administrator has the right to add rules or to change them during trials between players. Any similar change of rules becomes effective directly after arbitration between players, or in case of the subsequent reset of the server. The administration immediately publishes this change in Rules.
4.2 The administration of the server doesn't do any distinction between players, regardless of their social, real, virtual or age status. The administration is guided by the principles of Fair-play (a fair, equal play) of
4.3 GameMaster (further the Chief Administrator or the "administrator") - the person having enhanced features on the server, having rights for pronouncement of decisions on restriction of finding of the player on the server (kick, Ban, etc.)

4.4 The administrator rights issued: 
4.4.1. By Chief Administrator. (Molotov)
4.4.2. According to the recommendation of other administrator. 

4.5 The administrator rights cancel: 
4.5.1. According to the decision of the Chief Administrator. 
4.5.2. In case of violation by the administrator of these Rules. 
4.5.3. In case of complaints from players considered Administrators of the server in case of pronouncement of the positive decision at such complaints of players.

4.6 A fundamental obligation of the administrator is tracing of violations of these Rules.
4.7 The administrator is the principal person on the server and should to be an example of legality!
4.8 The administration has the right to punish players following, depending on the priority and severity of the offense: a warning, a fine of up to 10% of the player's experience, a fine in-game currency, kick, ban temporary ban permanent.

5. Duties of the administrator.

Game Administrator:
5.1. It is obliged to support a game so that it met requirements of most of players concerning operation of the server. 
5.2. Has the right to set up temporary or constant restrictions ("Kick", "Ban") in relation to the player who violated these Rules.
5.3. It is obliged to fulfill the duties correctly and politely, respecting the ethical standards of communication. 
5.4. It is obliged to explain a restriction reason for the player in relation to whom passed this decision. To get into an argument with the player isn't the administrator's duty.
5.5 It isn't obliged to listen to explanations, but obliged to consider proofs. 
5.6. As necessary, to make the decisions of administration of servers which aren't described in these rules. 
5.7. To abstain from use of instruments of administration by the server for personal reasons, and also in the entertaining purposes, respecting thereby the principle of Fair-Play.
5.8. It is obliged to take any actions for improving of a game on the server. 
5.9. It is obliged to realize the help to the player within these Rules, in time and completely, and also to realize arbitration of the disputed game issues arising in the game process.
5.10 It is obliged to inform players on essential changes of the Rules of the game, and also to give an opportunity to get acquainted with them (by output of the link to this document published on the website of the game project).


6. special game zones.

Behavior of the player in the special game zones (a trade zone, a respawn-zone, a kraft-zone).
6.1 The trade zone is the special place intended for sale and purchase of game objects and transactions with personal goods and real estate of the player in the virtual world of the game. It is designated by a "covers" symbol from a can of soft drink.
It is impossible to shoot in a trade zone, because laws of physics of a game are changed here so that any weapon doesn't harm. Player avatar doen`t suffer from collision with mecanisms, but  damage and destruction of the mecanism by other mecanism or buildings still possible.
Thus, its prohibited by the Rules (#3.12) damage of the mecanism of players in the trade zone.
Preventing of a camping in a trade zone and murders of the players who just left it within 1 minute after an exit from a trade zone the player is impregnable for the opponent's shots, but also itself can't use firearms.
6.2 Respawn-zone – a zone of appearance of players (it is designated by a symbol of a "children's soother"). This is a zone of appearance of the player on the map after death of his avatar. In this zone you can act as in the regular game territory, except one – it is impossible to be constantly in it for the purpose of murder of just appeared avatars of other players (camping-base). 
Remember that fair play is a game versus player adequately armed, but not versus his defenseless avatar. Murder of "newborn" doesn't bring any honor, and will be punished up to a fixed ban. 
Certainly, in case of a meeting of 2 "newborn" avatars in such zone there are no restrictions for murder, but after disembarkation such players are obliged to leave this zone as soon as possible.
If the player travels around this zone for the purpose of game "Loot's" collection, he shall abstain from firing at recently appeared players, opening fire only in response to aggressive actions of the others.
6.3 Kraft zone – a zone of construction works (it is designated on the map by a "concrete mixer" symbol). You can act there as well as in a respawn-zone. Continious presence in it for murdering players who arrived to this zone for construction works (camping zones) is forbidden.
In the rest, the behavior of the player in such zone doesn`t differ from the regular game map.

7. Construction of a base.

7.1 The base of the player is the artificially constructed fixed structure in a game in which the player can store the things and the personal estate without risk to lose it in case of reset of the server and periodical map-cleaning.

7.2 Accessory of the base to the player affirms and supported by two processes:
7.2.1 Installation of a flag. Before a construction of the base the player buys at office of administration (the second floor of a terminal facility central a trade zone) a flag in the form of a wearable adjusting packet. The flag is set in the place permitted by Administration to installation of base (see ## of The Rules 2.4, 2.8, 3.16, 3.21, 3.22, 3.23).
7.2.2 Protective payment of Administration (at office a trade zone) is an amount for the right of operation of the base (it is paid once a week, not an accumulative mode!). This payment is provided by game process of Exile and is performed by exclusively game currency in strictly established sizes, estimated in the form of a payment amount for each element used in the base and its exclusively voluntary operation performed by the player. If the player didn't pay lease of the territory after a lease termination time, the base with all the propertyconnected to it (safes, boxes, virtual garage) will be removed without posibility of recovery with all its content from the game world.

7.3 Order of construction of base.
7.3.1 The choice of the place for the base. The right choice of the place is very important. In case of abuse of regulations of its construction and operation the Administration of the Project will be forced to remove such base from the game world. Therefore, it is extremely desirable to get permission of Administration for this before begining of construction.
Location of the base is regulated by ## 2.4, 2.8, 3.16, 3.21, 3.22, 3.23 of The Rules.
7.3.2 Beginning of construction of the base. Building of the base begins with installation of a flag of base (flagstaff). The flagstaff will be the center of radius of the base in which  is authorized the construction and a binding to each other of elements and designs of the base. Outside of this radius the elements of the base aren't established.
7.3.3 In case of construction of the base any method of its protection is permited, including protection against unauthorized penetration on it during absence of the player, a trap, a mining of the territory, antiglich-texture, anti-tank hedgehogs, etc.
7.3.4 In the time of a the construction of the base is recommended to consider that in case of fetch a mecanism inside the building it is ALWAYS oriented on an axis the South-North, i.e., appears after reset of the server with the face oriented to the north.
7.3.5 In case of construction of the base it is recommended not to forget about safety and to put digital locks on entrance doors.

7.4 Containers, boxes, safes.
7.4.1 All boxes (containers with Loot) in a game are divided into two classes: fixed and temporary.
The fixed container is a container which, being established in a base, doesn't disappear in the course of periodic reset of the server and process of cleaning of the thrown objects. Those containers there are three versions only: Safe. An iron box with the coded lock. It can be received during the course of performance a number of missions, can be found on industrial locations, purchased in shop of household goods "Hardware" or received as a gift or an award from Administration as recognition of special merits in development of the game world of Exile.
After installation in a base, is the most reliable method of storage of objects. Wooden box.
Container of the small sizes, without a possibility of installation of the coded lock. It can be made by wooden planks in a workbench in the course of Kraft. After installation, remains as the separate object connected to the base in the place chosen by the player and in the game radius of the base.
The things stored in such box don't disappear in case of reset of the server. A supply-drop box from the humanitarian organizations. 
Has dark green color, larger sizes. This box can be found in zones about landing strips of airfields of the island. It is warned by the corresponding message of a game in the moment of emission of the next box. Its designated on the game map as a dark circle with a red rim with a symbol of a white parachute inside. Also, such box can be received as an incentive gift from Administration in case of a construction of base and also as recognition of special merits in development of the game world of Exile.
This box can be temporarily established in a caracase of cargo vehicles for its transportation together with content, however will be lost from a car in the course of reset of the server.
Being established in base, can move by the player in its radius.
The things stored in such box don't disappear in case of reset of the server. IMPORTANT! Pay attention that in case of MOVEMENT of the fixed containers established in base, loss of the things inside it is possible! It is connected with the error of the  Exile-game mechanism which isn't eliminated so far. As a result, you can lose all the things in such box for benefit of other player who moved the box in the same timepoint.
Thus, it is recommended to exempt temporarily such boxes from property at the time of change of their binding inside the base.

7.4.2. Temporary storage containers of property of players are: all fixed containers, and also mission-like boxes of various sizes and flowers which aren't tied to base (except for "A supply-drop box from the humanitarian organizations" of # Such boxes can be used for storage and transportation of things ONLY until reset of the server in the course of which are removed from a game together with  ALL their content.

7.5 Using and extention of a base.

7.5.1 The only action required for content databases is a weekly payment, consult it in # 7.2.2 of this Rules.

7.5.2 Size of base.

The size of base is caused by 2 parameters: radius of base and quantity of elements of base. Radius of base is a distance from her center (flagstaff) to her edge. It is possible to build and bind objects of base only in this radius. Elements of base: all its constructional modules (wall, ceiling, floor panels, doors, locks, blinds, a workbench, a fire, the generator, spotlights, ladder flights etc.), boxes and safes, and also additional functional elements like a water tank. The extent of base is defined by the simple sum of all elements established by the CONSTRUCT/INSTALL commands in the radius of this base.

7.5.3 Expansion of base.

Expansion of base is possible from the 1st level (30 elements) to the 10th level (700 elements) by introduction of one-time payment by game currency at office of Administration on the second floor central a trade zone.

7.5.4 Decrease in level of base.

Decrease in level of base isn't provided by the game mechanism.

7.5.5 Amount of the weekly protective payment of base (WPBP).

The weekly payment depends on the level of base, and also depends on number of elements in it and is calculated at a rate of 12 "covers" for each element increased by the level of base, weekly. (it is added 05/12/2016).

7.5.6 Discounts for weekly payment.

Discounts for WPBP can be provided by Administration of the Project in an individual order as a financial incentive for recognition of special merits in development of the game world.

7.5.7 We pay your attention to that fact that in case of limiting achievement of the extent of quantity of elements of base, new elements can be established ONLY after removal of the corresponding quantity of already established elements, and in case of movement of already established elements the moved element of base will be DESTROYED automatically by the game mechanism. Don't forget to consult about the extent of base, its level and time of the expiration of WPBP in the game tablet, in the section TERRITORY.


7.6 Removal of a base.
Removal of a base can be made by the manual mode (in connection with abuse of regulations) or for the purpose of transfer of base.
In the automatic mode the base and all its content can be removed only on condition of not introduction of WPBP (Weekly Protection Base Payment) in time.

7.7 Recovery of a base.
Recovery of a base can be made only at the request of its owner, and only during the limited period of time after its removal if the owner will submit good reasons of not introduction of WPBP in time and if the base wasn't removed because of abuse of regulations.

7.8 Sale / purchase of base.
As well as any other in-game property of base, the base can be sold and purchased by players for game currency. Please note that transactions of this sort aren't connected with Administration anyway, aren't certified by it anyway and responsibility for them lies only on the parties agreeing about the transaction.

7.9 Virtual garage.
7.9.1 The virtual garage (further – VG) is a gift to the player from Administration in case of the beginning of a construction of base. VG may contain inside it up to 5 vehicles at the same time. 
The VG size doesn't depend on the level of base. The WPBP amount doesn't depend on the number of the vehicles stored in VG. VG isn't considered as an element of base in WPBP.
7.9.2 When placing in VG the vehicle loses everything stored in its property, including the established temporary or fixed containers. DON'T FORGET YOUR GOODS IN THE TRANSPORT IN TIME TO ROOM IT IN THE VIRTUAL GARAGE! The goods lost in such a way aren't recovered anyway!
7.9.3 In case of return of transport from VG it appears on the same place from where it was placed on storage in VG. IT ISN`T RECOMMENDED TO FETCH TRANSPORT FROM VG IF  THERE ONE MORE TRANSPORT OR THE ELEMENT OF BASE IS INSIDE THE RADIUS! It leads to explosion and losses of all property on the place of emergence of such collision.

7.10 For purpose of rights to use by elements of base to other player, the owner shall press it the GRANTRIGHTS button in the game tablet.

7.11 Starting with version 1.5 of the game, the player has the right to request from the Administration of the Project permission to settle a special custom base "ArmaTA", built from standard buildings and objects of the game. This type of base is preferred for small groups, clans and players.(added 19/01/2017)

7.5 Эксплуатация и расширение базы.

7.5.1 Вне зависимости от размера базы, единственным периодическим действием, необходимым для поддержания её функционирования, является еженедельный платеж игровой валютой Администрации. Механизм описан в п. 7.2.2 Правил.

7.5.2 Размер базы.

Размер базы обусловлен 2-мя параметрами: радиусом базы и количеством элементов базы. Радиус базы – это расстояние от её центра (флагштока) до её края. Строить и привязывать объекты базы можно только внутри этого радиуса. Элементы базы: это все конструкционные её модули (стеновые, потолочные, напольные панели, двери, замки, жалюзи, верстак, костер, генератор, софиты, лестничные пролеты етс),  ящики и сейфы, а также дополнительные функциональные элементы типа водяного бака. Размер базы определяется простой суммой всех установленных командами CONSTRUCT / INSTALL элементов внутри радиуса этой базы.

7.5.3 Расширение базы.

Расширение базы возможно с 1-го уровня (30 элементов) до 10-го уровня (700 элементов) путем внесения единоразового платежа игровой валютой в офисе Администрации на втором этаже центральной трейд-зоны.

7.5.4 Снижение уровня базы.

Снижение уровня базы не предусмотрено игровым механизмом.

7.5.5 Размер еженедельного защитного платежа базы (ЕЗПБ).

Еженедельный платеж зависит от уровня базы, и также зависит от числа элементов внутри её и вычисляется в размере 12 «крышек» за каждый элемент, умноженный на уровень базы, еженедельно. (дополнено 05/12/2016).

7.5.6 Скидки на еженедельный платеж.

Скидки на ЕЗПБ могут быть предусмотрены Администрацией Проекта в индивидуальном порядке, как материальное поощрение за признание особых заслуг в развитии игрового мира.

7.5.7 Обращаем ваше внимание на тот факт, что при достижении предельных размеров количества элементов базы, новые элементы можно устанавливать ТОЛЬКО после удаления соответствующего количества уже установленных элементов, а при передвижении уже установленных элементов передвигаемый элемент базы будет автоматически УНИЧТОЖАТЬСЯ механизмом игры. Не забывайте консультироваться о размере базы, её уровне и времени истечения ЕЗПБ в планшете игры, в разделе TERRITORY.

8. rule`s version.

8.1 This version of rules is developed and accepted by administrators of the project Molotov, Cheguevara & Shturmer 30 of November, 2016, and edited 19 of January, 2017.
8.2 The Rules have version 1.1
8.3 These Rules shall come effective from the moment their publication on the project at the web pages:
8.4 The Rules are written and translated into the English, Spanish and Russian languages.
8.5 ©, Molotov, Shturmer. The exclusive rights to this text belong to Administration of the Project and can't be published or copied partialy, than for the purpose of distribution of information about this Project and for acquaintance of users with them. When copying a part or all text of these Rules the reference to the source is OBLIGATORY!
8.6 Rules are published 30 November, 2016, and edited 19 of January, 2017.